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Providing A Clear Path To Better Hearing


At Fairway Hearing Center, we provide hearing services to include hearing tests, hearing aid adjustments and hearing aid sales from top rated manufacturers, such as Phonak, Signia, Resound, Widex and Oticon at reduced prices. We understand that hearing loss is a very personal battle, and we believe the cost of hearing aids should not prevent an individual from securing improved hearing and a better quality of life.

Meet The Owner

Kivoney Mehrer is a Hearing Instrument Specialist licensed in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. She is a registered dealer in Pennsylvania and the Co-owner of Fairway Hearing Center in Millville, Delaware.

After proudly serving her country as a Sergeant in the United States Army from 1998-2002, she chose a career path that would continue her spirit of service to others by pursuing a career in the field of hearing healthcare.


Kivoney has experienced the impact of hearing impairment and its effect on the people closest to her when her grandmother “Moms” lost her hearing.

“I feel that choosing a career in the field of hearing healthcare has given me a chance to do what I was unable to do back then; I experience this second chance every day while helping others to enhance their quality of life by improving their hearing.”

Locally owned Hearing Aid Center new me

From 2004-2007, Kivoney specialized in digital hearing aid programming and training of hearing aid fitters (H.I.S) for a regional hearing aid dealer in the Philadelphia market. In 2007, she was recruited by Zounds Hearing Inc., and in 2008 accepted the opportunity to assist Zounds corporate (an international manufacturer and retailer of state-of-the-art hearing devices) by opening, establishing, and managing multiple stores during their East Coast expansion.

Kivoney successfully opened and managed two stores in southern New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania. Her focus became hearing aid fitting and management of the Mt. Laurel, New Jersey hearing center, where she achieved year over year growth and ranked in the top 5 of all Zounds stores nationwide for 6.5 years.

From 2014-2021, Kivoney became the manager and hearing aid fitter in a new location in Cherry Hill, NJ, and Bensalem, Pennsylvania, a store she originally opened for Zounds in years prior. Focused on customer service and brand integrity, she established a rapport with existing and new Zounds clients. Due to a strong desire to honor fellow Veterans, she participated in the Montgomery County and Bucks County Veterans Discount Programs.


Today she is the co-owner of Fairway Hearing Center in Millville, Delaware, and the proud owner of Signal Candle Company. Signal Candle Company has pledged to donate a portion of sales to help veterans and first responders who need assistance acquiring hearing aids. She also extends a discount through her hearing aid discount program to Veterans and First Responders, regardless of need, to honor them for their service.

While owning a hearing aid clinic has been Kivoney’s dream for many years, Todd has also invested in that vision. “My dad has been a patient of Kivoney’s for years,” says Todd. “Hearing aids made a dramatic improvement in his hearing. He became more involved in conversations and the life of the party once more.” The experience inspired Todd to obtain his hearing aid dealer license six years ago.

The Mehrers purchased their home in Millville in 2018 and moved in full time in 2021. They both quickly noticed that there were no local hearing options available. “Many people depend on their children for care. Having providers available locally, means not having to battle traffic or lose long periods of time from work; It also allow some patients more independence,” says Kivoney. Both Todd and Kivoney are pleased to be able to offer this new, local option while fulfilling their dream of owning their own practice.

Hearing loss can affect anyone. With 37.5 million American adults experiencing some form of hearing loss, it’s likely you or a loved one have trouble making sense of sounds and conversations. Some of this might feel familiar – asking people to repeat themselves, turning up the television, feeling exhausted after social interactions. 

The good news is you don’t have to live with this frustration. A simple hearing test can help identify the source and severity of your hearing loss and get you on the road to good hearing health!

Whether you’ve never had a hearing test before, or it’s been a while, here are some great reasons to schedule that screening.

Reason One: Setting a hearing “baseline”

Especially if you’ve never had a hearing test in the past, doing it now will set a baseline for the future. Along with regular screenings as you age, this baseline allows your hearing care professional to monitor your hearing over time. They may also catch any issues you might not detect on your own, allowing for early intervention. Hopkins Medicine recommends having a baseline hearing test between the ages of 21 and sixty.

Reason Two: Hearing tests are painless

It’s true – hearing tests are quick, easy, and painless. So there’s no reason to put it off. In a nutshell, here’s what you can expect. You won’t feel any discomfort during the test, and you don’t have to prepare (or study!). Your hearing care professional will ask you to listen to a series of tones and sounds to determine how well you can hear. After going over the results, they’ll work with you to find a solution that works best for your hearing needs.

Reason Three: Hearing tests are the first step to treating hearing loss

You might think that you can’t do anything about your hearing loss, or that it’s just a fact of life. That might have been true in the past, but today’s hearing aid technology is super-advanced and exciting. Whether you have mild, moderate, or profound hearing loss – or even suffer from conditions like tinnitus – having a hearing test by a hearing care professional can uncover these issues and point you toward the right treatment.

Reason Four: Undiagnosed hearing loss can be unhealthy

Research shows that undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss can increase the risk of cognitive decline. Struggling to hear and make sense of sound can cause your brain to become fatigued, making it difficult to perform other tasks. And, when it’s hard to hear, you tend to avoid social situations – which reduces brain stimulation over time. Getting a hearing test and proper hearing aids can keep your ears AND brain feeling sharper.


Veteran Owned and Operated


32566 Docs Place, Unit 2
Millville, DE 19967



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